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Functional Areas that we work on:
  • Accounting
  • Administration
  • Advertising
  • Back Office
  • Customer Care
  • Financial services
  • Front office
  • HR /IR
  • IT telecom (software/hardware)
  • Logistics
  • Marketing
  • Sales
Some of the Important Industries and it's specialties
Currently with the fast paced growth in global economy many Nationalized and International businesses have cropped up and looking out for many Accountants and Auditors for their accounts related works, tax calculations and providing financial solutions for their management.
Career Opportunities:
Auditing: Work involves examining the ledger accounts and financial statements within the company.
Budget Analysts: The most important function in any organization. They develop and manage organizations financial plans.
Financial: Everything related to finance comes under this division. They involve in financial planning for the current year as well as the long term. They play a significant role when the company goes for new mergers and acquisitions.
Management Accounting: They play a pivotal role in planning about Capital budgeting, Cost analysis /Controlling and Analyzing the new contracts.
Tax: In this function they formulate Tax strategies and prepare the Income tax statements of personal and corporate.
Banking Sector provides a plethora of job opportunities to people as it has got many functional areas and many vacancies in each function. Currently in India, we have Nationalized and International banks serving customer's different financial needs be it their Savings/Current Account, Loans, Mortgages etc.,
Career Opportunities
Clerical: Work involves examining the ledger accounts and financial statements within the company.
Managerial: In Managerial level profile, we find people managing their functions and ensuring their sub ordinates are following the processes instructed to do. They play a key role, as any slightest change in the process will result in major confusions while doing reconciliation as majority of the transactions involves money.
Business Process Outsourcing as it is called had taken a big leap in the last decade. This sector has given a bigger business opportunity to many new companies which want to do an outsourcing job to big business behemoths in foreign countries/ India. As many Companies had joined the BPO bandwagon, this has given a good job market for many fresher/ experienced people of various functions. Overall the BPO jobs gets categorized into 2 parts, one which does the important ground works (Telecalling/Data management/ customer handling over phone/ Technical support/ Email support/Operations support positions like HR, payroll and training) needed and the other category of people i.e. the Managers who manages their respective function and ensuring their team does as per the instruction given by their client.
The various career options a computer professional can have are:
Computer Programmer: The programmers here will be assigned a task, for which they write a computer programme, and then test on how it functions. On successful running of the programme they need to maintain it till some changes were asked for.
Systems Specialist: Whatever be the problems with the computers, these system analysts takes an active role in resolving it.
Network Maintenance Analysts: For total maintenance/evaluation of Local area networks (LANs), Wide area networks (WANs), the Internet and Intranet - these networking people plays a significant role.
Web designers: They are responsible for day-to-day site design and creation.
Webmasters: This functional people takes care of the technical aspects of a Web site as well as the web content designed.
Data Management Executives: They work towards organizing and storing data in such a fashion so as to use minimal space.
In India we have many Engineering streams, each having its own set of job opportunities after completion of the studies. Engineers are the backbone; they can MAKE or BREAK a company. Huge amount of money is spent on R&D in developing new / simpler products by different companies, where without these people it is absolutely not possible to get into the stage of product development/redesigning.
Some of the Engg streams are:
Aeronautical Engineering: They have job openings in aeronautical work related R&D areas, technical engineers with aircraft manufacturers.
Agriculture Engineers: They take part in the designing, reforming the new or existing agricultural farm equipments and Infact plays a significant role in marketing and servicing of farm equipment.
Automobile Engineers: They have good job opportunities with 2 or 4 wheeler manufacturers as well in the Services department. They play an active role in designing new models based on customers ever changing wants.
Chemical Engineers: Almost in every company getting involved in the manufacturing of products involving chemicals these Chemical engineers gets the first place to work. They alone know what reaction happens when mixing 2 different chemicals and the nature of the product derived out of it.
Civil Engineers: Any big construction project needs to happen, without Civil Engineers it's not possible to make a small move also.
Computer Engineers: Nothing to say, Just Imagine the world without these people. Computers and the computer engineers have changed the world drastically. These days everything can be done in a fraction of time with the help of them. They have huge job opportunities in almost every field.
Electrical Engineers: Railways, Civil, Aviation, Power plants, Construction and Manufacturing plants requires good numbers of electrical engineers.
Electronics Engineers: They have huge demand in industries manufacturing electronic equipment, radio/ TV broadcasting, automobile industry etc.,
Instrumentation Engineers: Industries such as steel, chemical, fertilizer, refineries power industry has got a good demand for Instrumentation Engineers.
Mechanical Engineers: You can term them as backbone in every segment of the industry wherever machinery is involved.
Hospitality Business encompasses hotels, restaurants, industrial or organized catering for offices, hospitals, educational institutions, private homes, railways, ships and flight catering.
Career Opportunities:
Here one gets a chance to join as: Executives/ Managers in hotels, chefs, and house keeping executives, Accounts / sales and marketing executive.
Each and every vacancy of any function in a company gets filled up by this department. Human Resource department is the most vital in any organization. If they recruit right candidates, company grows and so does the reverse of it. They are almost the backbone of every company.
Career Opportunities
The various career options available in the HR industry are:
Recruiting: One can join as an HR recruiter where he actually actually does the preliminary screening of a candidate, conducts test, interviews and shortlist them to meet the functional heads for the next round of Interview. On successful selection, they take care in collecting documents of the selected candidates and hands over the offer letter and other company formalities which needs to be done.
Training managers: They conduct training and development programs for employees of every function on a periodic cycle based on the candidate's training requirements. They actually arrange a specialist to conduct the training and issue certificates at the end of it after successful completion.
Apart from the above two, HR people take care of Payroll function, Man management, Attrition management, Employee appraisals and above all Employee satisfaction.
This Insurance term can be described as a social device to reduce or eliminate risk of life and property. We have 2 different type of Insurance One caters to human body and his life LIFE INSURANCE and everything other than human body/life comes under GENERAL INSURANCE. Currently in India we can see many big companies competing to get the Insurance policy from the public. As the population grows, the requirement for Life / general insurance also grows. In case of Life Insurance one can take multiple polices which can insure him from different situations say health, children's education and retirement age etc., So as one individual faces many different situations/ risks in life, Insurance companies had come up with different policies which can cater to those risks.
Career Opportunities:
A career in Insurance industry can make one fit in as:
Branch Manager/Sales Manager: They play a pivotal role in getting the Life Insurance/General Insurance Policies with the help of Advisors/Sales people available with them.
Insurance Agent: They actually act as a mediator in selling Insurance policies to people and organizations. They talk about the benefits of the policy and make a person realize the importance of taking the policy.
Claims Adjuster: Whenever an accident happens, these people measures the damage caused and finds out whether that incident gets covered under the Insurance policy. He makes the final settlements by acting as a mediator between the customer and the insurance company arriving at an amicable solution.
Underwriter: They decide whether to provide insurance to the applicants seeking coverage. He evaluates an applicant's exposure to risk and decides he meets insurer's standards.
Loss Control Representatives: They take care in minimizing the losses that can probably happen by verifying the working place of the material or product which is insured (in case of general insurance) and if found any flaw or predict that some accident can happen; they will suggest for change in place or other precautionary measures.
Customer Service Agent: They serve the customer by providing the necessary details asked and keeping the policies and coverage up-to-date.
I.T just these 2 letters have transformed the world drastically. This industry provides huge job opportunities in Computer programming, System designing and engineering and overall operation management. One can find jobs in the following areas:
Software: One gets the job as a Computer Programmer, Systems Specialist, Network Maintenance Analysts, Web designers, Webmasters etc.
Hardware: The key areas, which can be taken up as career, include hardware designing, research and development, assembling, manufacturing and maintenance of computer components.
E-Commerce and Web Development: The job will include consumer/buyer information and services, developing and managing Web-portals, creation of Internet market, customer management, consulting etc.
Enterprise Resource Planning: One single software which integrates multiple fields like purchase of raw materials, production, marketing, logistics, sales, service, inventory, finance, accounts, and human resource in making a good planning for every function eventually resulting in the optimum usage of resources and time.
Sales & Marketing: Sales and marketing in IT industry is a specialized task and requires a thorough knowledge of the company's products and their competition. Sales include hardware and software products.
Sales almost act as the backbone of many companies. They play a pivotal role in getting the products/services reach the customers as per the channel followed by the company. Evergreen function and huge job opportunities available in many companies. The growth opportunity in sales compared to other function is very high. It has been proved that if any company's sales operation/force is strong, they can do wonders for the company. A huge job opportunity for sales people is available in FMCG, Consumer durable, Telecom and Financial products selling industry.
Career Opportunities :
Sales people based on company's hierarchy can grow as follows : sales officer, Senior sales officer, sales executive , Asst sales manager, Sales manager, Senior sales manager, branch manager, Regional manager, Circle head ,Vice president sales , etc.,